Manik FJ80 91/92 side steps

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Sep 27, 2004
United States
Manik FJ80 91/92 side steps/sliders

I have a set of rust free Manik side steps/sliders for the 91/92 FJ80. As you know they didnt come with running boards like the FZJ80 did, so they make a great addition. I havent removed the, yet, but will include the hardware which is there. $90 + ride. Can be purchased here-

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Hey Michael, yes I do, just posted them today. I am not sure if they would fit a 93, but am leaning towards yes since the mount points on the underside should be the same.
Shipping from what state? I'm using the app to view, doesn't show state you're in.
Unless they are spoken for, I'll take them. I'm in Altadena, CA - any idea how much to ship? Thank you very much. Will submit through paypal when you give me the total price.
headed to roundup in March and can bring these along if you or someone you know are going there to save on shipping. this goes for any large part (sorry, small parts will still be shipped)

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