Manik bull-bar and rear tail-lamp guards available for an 80 --

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Mar 28, 2003
United States
I picked up an 80 pretty cheap and was removing the PO's handiwork -- I was gonna toss these items, but they're in excellent shape and are high quality, despite their questionable function --

-- make an offer -- $0 isn't too little -- the only catch is I'm in CT, though I am driving to SLC in the next week, through Detroit, Chicago and (of course) Golden --

-- according to their website, the front is $560 new and the rears are $170 -- nevermind the Hellas on there, too -- that's a lot of cash!!





I am interested in the rear taillight guards, I will send you an e-mail

I'll pay ya for the shipping to CA.
I hope this isn't poor etiquette, if it is I'll delete it, but:

Please THROW the rear Manik tail-light "guards" as FAR as you can after removal. I bought my 80 with this exact same set-up, and on both sides, just in front of the tail-lights, are two DENTS. The dents were caused by something bumping the guards, and the outer guard bump-stop being levered into the sheetmetal. So, instead of having to repair/replace a tail-light (or having to do nothing) as the result of a rear corner impact (with a shopping cart or whatever), I am now faced with an expensive sheetmetal repair if I want it fixed.
This is not uncommon: I saw the same kind of dimple/dent on at least one other 80 I've examined recently.
So, instead of these things 'guarding' the vehicle, what you really have is the equivalent of a sharp stick pointed at your beloved vehicle's delicate flank, poised to stab it at the slightest provocation.
If you want something like that because you think it looks cool, in God's name reinforce the inner attachment point so that it doesn't flex in a breeze, and remove/re-do the outer bumpstop so it is less likely to cause a dent or sharp crease (on mine a small tab was velcro'ed to the sheetmetal-- how cheezy can you get?).
Hey how much does the bar weigh? I'm in Oregon and this is exactly what i need for my fly rods?

I don't know where to PM on this software


Need a place to crash for the night near Chicago? If so, pm me.

Eric-I would gladly pay shipping for the Hellas to California 95864. Let me know if you would be willing. I'll give them a good home on a real bullbar!

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