manifolds interchangable???

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Aug 13, 2004
Normandy Park Wa. in San Diego Ca.
Installed a 82 2f Out of a 60 series into my 1966 FJ45... so far I have swapped out the OEM carb with a Trollhole and replaced Mog pump with idler...
Would love to ditch the intake and exhaust manifolds and replace w/1F to get rid of all the smog and vac. ports......less holes= less chance of leaks

Any problems doing this?

Best year manofolds for doing this??

Thx C
chance are the 82 has 12mm intake/exaust studs the 1F has 10mm studs. the 1F intake wont fit unless you machine the holes out and I am not really sure if the ports would line up
I have put late F intake manifolds on early 2F heads. Sure, studs are bigger on the 2F but easy to fix with a dremel. I have the 12 mm studs in my late F head now, running the '69 Hi-po intake on it.
I was thinking about this and I know I have used later F intakes on 2F's I could not remember what year they were ( and still dont ) Well I got out in the yard this morning and started doing some digging and found what I was looking for Here is a picture of what I beleive is a late 1F intake notice it does not have the large lower part where all the 2F smog crap would go and also it slides right on. ( And yes I will be using this one on my 2F sorry )
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on top is the intake off my 1973 1F notice the diffrence in the lower one 4 bolt holes on the side and a center plug. Maybe someone will know what year these came off of. They are alot lighter and the ports line up.
Yup, I got something similar...I think the plugged hole is where the EGR went. I had one on my '74.
But this is the one I wanted...
Man I had one of those and I think ended up giving it away something about them running lean to the outside ports or something like that.

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