Manifold/intake needed in Bay Area - asap

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Feb 27, 2005
Santa Cruz Mtns
I would normally post this in the wanted section but am in a bind...

Does anyone have a an exhaust/intake manifold in one piece and located in the bay area? My truck is at a shop in Mountian View.

I sourced one but the heat riser flap is broken and these guys dont want to fix it. Not sure I will have the time fix it myself tonight and get it back to them tomorrow. If I cant find one... well... time to buy new :doh: :crybaby:
Call Georg (orangefj45) at Valley Hybirds. Or PM him. Sorry, don't have the number.
If you can afford it, go new. Not only won't you have to deal with milling the two manifolds to assure trueness, you won't have to deal with properly sealed end horns. Further, a used manifold is likely to have a worn heat riser bushing and missing end cap, which will contribute to a difficult to diagnose annoying leak. I've been there. Good luck. N.M.
Call Georg (orangefj45) at Valley Hybirds. Or PM him. Sorry, don't have the number.

Thanks splike... exhausted that route (pun intended) :) By the way... Georg rocks man. When I call, he picks up the phone and is always willing to help.
What's wrong with yours ?
Did you call Gary Kardum (mudrak) ? His shop is in Sonoma, I think. I'd say call Mark Algazy, too, but he's wheeling for a few days.
So they say... they are so badly warped they cant get them to go on properly even after getting them decked. If they tighten the exhaust the intake gaps...tighten the intake the exhaust gaps. They clain they were machined together but it doesnt really make sense. Some time back I had another shop do some work and seal things up (obviously didnt do a good job)... maybe this new shop is dealing with their f'up. Not sure.

The one I dropped off to them last night, unfortunetly, has a broken butterfly. Im not sure if I can get over there, pick them up, fix them, and drop it off by morning.

I am on shop number 2 and we are both (myself and them) are being "drained" by this job. Not so much worried about them but my wallet is getting lighter. Thinking to go new and pay the $660.
Yeah, after a certain point, one gets tired of the chase... $587.66 at

You can, of course, take care of those gaps with a REMFLEX gasket. Supposed to seal up to 1/8" ... NLXTACY and I put one on his truck and it worked great.

And if you go new, you can always get your old ones back and make one "Whole" one out of 'em and sell that to make back a sliver of the money...

Good luck.

EDIT - IronGiant on MUD is a Remflex dealer
I wholeheartedly recommend the Remflex gaskets. Made my life easier.

Edit: This recommendation only good until the Remflex gaskets stop working :flipoff2:

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