Manifold Insulators on 2F

Mar 16, 2003
Investigating a manifold leak on my 85 FJ60 and found the metal elbow of the front left insulator laying on the smog pump bracket. It appears that the heat resistant fabric/insulation it was attached to rotted out. There were a few fragments of the material still attached to the manifold.

Anybody here care to enlighten me regarding the true purpose and actual functionality of these insulators (there are front and rear ones) on a 2F? Is it considered a "must replace" item? I saw them available on SOR's online catalog, but would like to "rebuild" the ones I have if possible with new insulating material...any thoughts?

Last question... can any of you highly experienced mechanics (or anyone who has ever replaced their manifold gasket on a 2F) give me a very general rundown on sequence of events. I have the necessary tools and factory manuals, along with a well lit, and dry garage to work on truck. Rough guess of how long to accomplish, and where are the trouble areas to be aware of? ???

Thanks all!

Cheers, and keep on Cruising!

Dec 29, 2002
nashville, tn

about that exhaust/manifold gasket, whatever you want to call it.
i'm no where near engine-inclined, and i got it in, took me about an hour.
oh, i have an 84ish 2F, with some aftermarket headers.

14mm & 17mm sockets for the bolts. i just loosened up all the bolts, figured out which way the gasket was sposed to go (the arrow with the f points to the front), and then took em all off. i didn't remove the carb, might help a little if you do.
pried the intake and headers off, then the gasket fell apart (i was way overdue with that exhaust leak)

got somebody to help me hold the stuff back in place as i put in the new gasket. this is a must unless there is some really cool trick that i haven't heard of or don't have the money to buy. the bolt holes were pretty tough to get all lined up right, but if you don't have headers (your exhaust and intake would attached to each other) it would be a lot easier. tightened up the bolts after i got em all in.

drove it around for a while till it got warmed up and the poppin sound came back (exhaust leakin), then went back in and tightened up the bolts again. and that's all she wrote.

i hope this is what you were askin about. if not, sorry.

good luck,

also, did you get an oem gasket? if not, get one. they are 10x better than that paper piece of crap. if so, and know of somebody with some new oem stuff layin around for sale, let me know. thanks.


Sep 3, 2003
Re:Manifold gasket replacement on 2F

I just bought an old FJ60 and suspect an exhaust or manifold leak from the sound it is making.
Is replacing the exhaust manifold gasket any harder if you are working with the stock manifold rather than headers?
I had the opportunity to buy the headers from the PO that he purchased and never installed. Should I have bought them and replace the manifold if I have to take the manifold off anyway?
Should I or do I have to replace the intake manifold gasket at the same time when working with stock manifolds?

I appreciate any help I can get. I have not gotten familliar with this engine yet and have taken about a 10 year break since doing any major work on my vehicles myself, so I am a little rusty.


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