ManaFre Bull Bar

Feb 27, 2002
Are you talking about the 4+ front bar, or is there another. Post a pic or link in any case. If it is the 4+ you're thinking about, they're made by Renegade Fab. in Phoenix. The guy's name is Dave Gore and he makes some seriously nice stuff. If I could afford it, I'd buy his 60 series rear bumper/tire carrier combo. His bullbar seems pretty heavy though. For rocks I'd do something more minimalist like CCOTs from their last email flier. For expedition type wheeling, you need all the protection you can get so his bar actually would do nicely.
Oct 28, 2002
The ARB bullbar...which might be what maf sells...kicks ass, i have one, and my bro does too. I cant say enough on how nice they are, just a lil spendy
Apr 8, 2002
Portland, OR
I have the aussie grill guard from Man-a-fre if you want that. It was on my 78 and i can't use it on my 76 due to my pto winch. I'm located in Salem, Oregon if you are interested. It bolts right onto the bumper and frame.

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