Man A Fre RV Camshaft Question

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May 29, 2008
Boulder County Colorado
Who runs a Man A Fre RV cam in their 2F?
I am looking to use the RV cam in a fresh 2F rebuild and have read only a couple posts here.

Im looking at the "regrind" cam

Do you lose vacuum...
Have problems with emissions ( I have to test here in Colorado)
Any other pros/cons from real experience would be apreciated.

My 81 FJ40 will be stock as far as inake/exaust for the time being...but looking at headers doen the road.

Rebuild includes
Pistons 20 over
Crank 30 over
Shave the cyl head
New valve job, guides, seals and springs
Balanced the crank, flywheel, harmonic balancer, clutch and pistons.

Just need more info.... Thanks!
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i have the RV cam
and built my motor like you have listed.

can't tell you if it will pass or not. mines a 69' w/78 2f so i only had to pass it once, then get collector plate and never worry about it again.

i say do it. it's a great running cam.
All vendors sell regrinds, so far as I was able to tell. I bought my RV cam from Delta Camshafts & am pleased with the result - more power, better gas mileage, though 12 instead of 10 isn't all that exciting. He welds the lobes up and cuts them, rather than just cutting a different profile. Their price was the best & they'll regrind your lifters, which saves some bucks. I have a '73 so I can't tell you what the effect was on emissions. They don't mind talking to you, either.

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Delta only welds damaged lobes.... just like all regrinders.... if they get a cam that is in nominal condition... then it just gets ground... I have been using them for a few years.... about 50 cams I would guess.

Going for it

Thanks for the info...I think I would have heard about any negitives by now. Gonna install that cam next weekend and fire up the rebuild!!!

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