MAKE OFFER! FJ60 seats- $45, 2F Carb - $75, C cons. $25

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Sep 25, 2004
United States
2F Carb - $75............

Seats all gone, Center Console gone :)

2F Carb PENDING Sale :bounce:

Pics down below....
carb 1.jpg
carb 2.jpg
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Would you ship just the seat covers, and foam? Or only foam of pass seat, if that'll fit in a box... ?
Hi Spike,

Yeah, if the seats don't sell by early next week I could maybe pull the foam and send it.

I am not sure what you mean though by the seat covers, though...? Do you mean the actual fabric that's on the seats? There was only a "cover" on the drivers side and that was only on the seat portion - it was just a piece of blanket actually. So, if you want the fabric I could maybe pull that off the frame... Let me know what you need.

BTW your FJ60 tag sounds like my story too "a whole lotta other crap and $$ that took the last 2 years of my life and pissed off the " !!!
Yes, just meant the fabric and foam, not the frame or hardware... Lemme know if they don't move.


I think my tag sums it up for a lot of cruiser guys...
NYC Moose

Hi NY Moose,

Tried to reply to your PM - your box is full. Send me a PM when you've deleted some...
Seats come with headrests...

Hi everyone...

Some have asked if headrests are included - YES, they are!!! Forgot to mention that seats do come with matching headrests, although not pictured and are in good condition.
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Center Console Sale Pending... Seats Sale pending

Anyone interested in the Carb?
Seats Sold, Console Sold... 2F CARB STILL AVAILABLE - OFFERS???!

Hi guys,

PMs sent to the people interested in the seats - sold them and the center console to NYC Moose in SF...

Kay, who wants a 2F Carb for a good price - $75... obo???

I have 2 of them - I don't need 2 spares (am keeping only one) but for you guys out there who don't have one it's a good way to go since you can send one to J. Chenoweth (or rebuild it yourself) and still keep your truck running in the meantime....

Make me an offer!

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