Main Electrical Fuse 100A

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Jul 17, 2020
Old Saybrook CT
So I was fiddling about under the hood and found my missing fuse cover (the one for the panel behind the positive terminal on the battery) and when I tried to put it on I noticed the main 100A fuse for the car was seated too high. I pulled off the lower cover assembly and don’t see a single thing hooked in to the bolt terminals underneath. Am I missing something or has a room temperature IQ mechanic been in here before me and screwed something up?

You only asked this less than 2 hours ago... in the meantime have you searched mud? If so, try difference criteria and filter to this 100 series forum only
This is the only other one I found, last post 2005. And fair point, I did just make the post. I’d had such good luck so farsighted my other posts though. This forum is so rad it’s totally spoiling me.
Well, if it makes contact to the metal parts, the fuse will still work and pass current. It just isn't mounted securely. Improper installation, that is all.
Appreciate the reply. The thing I was worried about (based upon me wrenching on the car) is that some mechanic at some point screwed around and rewired something they shouldn’t have. Based on the searches in the forum I didn’t think I was alone. But yeah, I got the truck to start and run without it even in there.
Take a fine point Sharpie and write "spare" on it, then put it back where you found it. =)

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