Magazine: "4WD ToyotaOwner"

Mar 21, 2005
Central Oregon
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Picked up this magazine, "4WD ToyotaOwner". has a write up about Chris Wood's 87 fj 60. Chris is the western regional sales manager for ARB. Of course the 60 has some ARB stuff bolted on.

The Magazine shows no web site. It is out of Gig Harbor WA..seems like some frequent poster is from up that way...

Anyway, it's a decent magazine targeted for Toyota owners:doh: Is pretty much a advertisement bonanza for the suppliers. there are several other articles in March/April 2008 issue, one compares 80 series to 100 series as to which makes the better off road platform.

(80 takes it)

This is just a tech pass on...I'm not pushing the rag or looking for input don't know where you can buy one, got mine at Barnes and Noble...

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