maf rear lights install issues

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Mar 5, 2006
So i just put the finishing touches on the rear swing out bumper complete with LED rear lights.

Testing the lights.. and i have the following results:

1. No rear lights when the lights are turned on
2. brake lights emit when brake depressed
3. Turn signals come on when turn indicator switched left and right, but only come on once and stay on instead of flashing repeatedly. (same with front turn indicators)

before the rear bumper install, all lights were working fine.

Do i have them hooked up bass ackwards or something...

Probably need a different flasher for the LED lights

x 2 on the flasher or load resistors inline to the lights, the flasher unit needs a certain amount of current draw to work.

Even on my stock lights they did the same thing until I got them all hooked up with good grounds and all.

That old flasher makes me smile ----it has a great mechanical clunk clunk clunk sound that modern ones dont :)
just curious why MAF would sell me something that wont work for my truck.... grrrr

Super Bright LEDs - Tail Brake/Turn Bulbs

this link shows the resistors and also electronic flashers that need no load

I hear ya ---a specialist product line like 40 light conversion should spell it all out for you and the flasher or resistor should come with it

be nice if it was prewired to the light eh?

I think almost any auto parts would carry these
is anyone from MAF on this board..... the more i think about this.. the more im disgruntled by a brand new product that doesnt work...
go with the gold looking load resistors. Just installed two of these for my front signals from superbright. good price and quick to the door: RL-650 Tail Light Load Resistor kit $ 4.95 (each)

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