MAF add a leaf question

Jul 14, 2005
Surface of the Sun aka Phoenix Arizona
I have read many posts about doing add a leafs, my question is what do I do with the factory leaf spring clamps that hold the spring pack together? Do I bend them out of the way, cut them off and get new one's....etc. I also want to get longer u bolts before I take the old one's off. Can anyone tell me how much longer do the u bolts need to be with the full length add a leaf installed? :beer: :beer:


Supporting Vendor
Sep 6, 2004
I just bent the clamps out of the way, then bent them back into place. Not quite a perfect fit but hold the packs together. I think my u-bolts are factory...they were long enough for the extra 3/8" thickness of the leaf.

I love the 2.5"-3" of lift they gave to my saggy ass springs, but the ride is very bouncy on road. On the contrary, off road, they work perfectly. Even soak up whoopty doo's and big hits well.

Best bang for the buck lift, IMO.

BTW- good idea to order up new center pins and bushings with the AAL's. Ask me why I know this...
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