MAF 4" lift?

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Aug 16, 2004
Does anybidy have any experiance with this lift? it seems like a pretty good setup. Hooray Tax Return!:D
The big thing with that lift is you have to do a shackle reversal. Thus you have to cut you spring hangers and weld new ones one. Just FYI.
well not that one ...but one like it ... dekar springs.....shakle rev...anti inversion on rear shocks yada yada yada yes i'm happy mine works great 2yr's now only ripped my neww shocks off first time out ..bent sway bar link after sway bar link just removed it for good gone...... and my stock front driveshat did not reach I needed to add 2" to it 2yrs later need to replace front shaft with one that has a loooong slip .... what happend was after 2yrs the front settled witch closed up my slip @ rest no more room to slide worried about t case ..... going for a long slip or a square shaft set up again.. i like mine lots of flex in the front ...the rear ....welll still tight .......john
If you are going 4" why not go with ruff stuff specialties SOA kit for $425.00? Gravel Maker / Dan is here on MUD a lot if you have any questions.

I thought about that, but I am in Sitka AK, and there is a total lack of 4xing here... Thus a lack of people whom i would let touch my rig. (I'm scared to cut and spin my F) And somthing like the MAF, I could do myself. I want to do a big wheeling trip on the way to my next duty station... (uscg)
If you are going 4" why not go with ruff stuff specialties SOA kit for $425.00? Gravel Maker / Dan is here on MUD a lot if you have any questions.

So, what would a good guesstimate be on the cost to have a shop install the SOA kit. If I had an air compresser, welder, yadda yadda, I am almost dumb enough to try setting that up myself.
Get ahold of Cruiser Outfitters.
I try to stay away from MAF.
Ive had thieves treat me better.
I've heard of people using 53 inch chevy springs as replacements on Toy Pickups. Has anyone done junkyard suspension upgrades on 60/62's?
International Harvester springs work too I think.
That other brand spring stuff sounds like the 62" deavers we used to put under our toyota p/u's. Gotta love a 2200lb fiberglass p/u with a stroked 22RE. Ah, the good old days.
Ok, I will mostly be using this rig for DD and expeditions. Do I really wanna go SOA? I could always drive it down to Proffits next summer and get it done.
DirtyLittleSecret: Whats up with MAF? They have all the cool $hit, I was hoping they'd be easy to deal with.
One of the guys I know did that kit as well as the U-bolt reversal from MAF. IMHO I hate it, the new front hanger did not bolt up easily and they had to re drill some holes, the bracket is kind of cheap looking, the new shackle for the back is also kind of cheap and it just goes inside your existing mount, not anti inversion. You will need to get your front drive shaft made longer, should be OK on the back but I would recommend doing that as well. In the end, his truck on 33s sits (body) about 1" higher in the front and 2" higher in the back then mine. He does have an HJ62 JDM. Personally IMHO I would not buy that kit. I would get the bigger leafs and longer shackles an install those though.
Fantom, I'm not up on the abreveations... Sry. IMHO? And you'd go with the bigger stuff from MAF?
I have the MAF 4" OME reverse shackle, you'll need to:
Extend your diff line breathers
Lengthen you front drive shaft
Do the welding on the front (by they way they sent me two driver side front shackel reversel mounts, that was a pain)
The huge rear anti-inversion shackle bangs up against the tail pipe (new MAF exhaust kit)
I also did the ubolt flip kit, but one of the kits wasn't made right so I had to send it back.
It comes with extended brake lines, but I'm not fond of their brake lines at all.
And...when you install the shackel reverse front mounts your original bumper will not line up with the factory mounting holes. MAF forgets to mention that.
Sounds like they are a pain in the arse to work with. They screwed up that much in one order?
Sounds like they are a pain in the arse to work with. They screwed up that much in one order?

3 months and Im still awaiting a response concerning my lift. I came away with the feeling that thier attitude is to charge just enough to get you hooked. Then they haphazardly package everything, charge you for new (but ship you used parts), and overcharge you on shipping. Then if anything is amiss its all your fault. Even if it was based on thier recommendation!
Out of the last remaining smidge of respect I will not go into details with my experience, but would definitely steer elsewhere. Everything they have can be had somewhere else for less $ anyhow so I'm not worried about it
Ok, So stay away from MAF... I was thinking Alcan 4" to begin with. Anybody have any experiance with Alcan?
Here is the info on the SOA kit. This is the route I'm going on my 86 FJ 60.

FJ40 SOA Kit using FJ60 axles, With or W/O Reversal
[FJ40SOA2] $425.00

The same idea as the FJ40 kit but using FJ60 axles, actually a pretty common swap. This is a complete kit, with or without a Shackle reversal. Welding is Required! The kit is comprised of 2 pair of Spring perches (front pumkin side is special and has more Castor adjustment than the FJ40), 2 pair of Spring hangers (with the extra reach to allow for WB extension), 2 pair of Ubolt plates, 4 pair of Shock brackets, 2 pair of Shackle hangers with bushings and sleeves (or 1 pair Shackle hangers & 1 pair of 2" x 1/4" wall DOM tubes), 8 - 5" Shackles, and 8 - 10" x 3.2" x 5/8" Ubolts with 5 1/2" of thread so they will fit whatever spring pack you use. The options are Castor corrected or Stock Castor Spring perches, Shackle Reversal with Frame tubes (-$25) or Wayback Shackle hangers, adding the Frame Boxing Kit (+$150), and finally the Rear Disk Brake brackets (+$40). The total of the parts individually is subatantially higher than this kit and the Frame Boxing kit is discounted also. These come without Leaf Springs because there are so many differing opinions of which springs to use, if you choose to use a nonstandard width spring we can change things to best suit your springs.
I had had great time with MAF and all there products, except the Safari spring. I have gone through two sets on two different projects in the past couple of years. One set cracked, the other dearched about 1.5". I have had good luck with OME springs. For what its worth, I'm not sure a 4" lift does anything that the 2.5 won't do. You can fit the same tires, get the same flex, etc. Easier install and drives better. The shackle reversal is great for flex and ride, but that hanger in the front sure does "hang"!

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