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Aug 12, 2008
Camano Island, WA
Got them in the mail today- sure look pretty. Have a few questions for those who have done this before:

1. Ive read that i should have them melled w/ the intake manifold to make sure they are the same width to get a proper seal. Will this destroy the finish on the mating part/head of the header? I assume it will- does it matter?

2. Im putting the remflex gasket on-- with a gasket this thick do i need to do the melling still?

3. should i use any sealent around the gasket or just dry?

4. should i coat the Y pipe with some ceramic exhaust paint? Is there a place that can do this professionally? I love pretty undercarriages.

5. do i need any sealent from the y pipe to the header?

6. Any other tips/tricks to doing this? i have the fluid heat riser going in as well.

Thanks for any help i will be sure to post pics of the install to help anyone else out there!
Jul 27, 2005
Roseville, CA
Here is what I did... no problems so far.

1. No, I found the thickness to be an exact match
2. I'm not sure the quality of the Remflex gasket; however, I used two Felpro's and they have been great.
3. High-temp RTV
4. No
5. Yes, high-temp RTV
6. Be sure to re-torque the bolts after a few heat-cool cycles. They will loosen up quite a bit.

Good Luck!

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Mar 22, 2005
Durango, CO
If the flanges on the header are obviously thicker than the ones on the intake, then yes you should mill the header to generally match, the remflex will absorb the rest, I've read to go dry with remflexes, dry on the collectors too.


Jun 28, 2003
Here again...
Run the Remflex gasket dry. I have run hi-temp sealant in the past with other gaskets and it worked. That said, even the hi-temp sealants have a far lower burn temp than the gasket material, usually only a couple of hundred degrees above 12-1400 degree exhaust gases, and if the sealant does fail it leaks. The Remflex gasket will seal without it, and withstand temps of 3000 degrees. If you are going to use sealant anyway, stay away from the copper spray on sealants as they have a far lower burn temperature (750 degrees off the top of my head).

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