Made myself a new Bikini.....

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Aug 22, 2008
Florence, SC
Really....I got my little chicken legs burnt picking up my little one from school
so I threw some canvas on the sewing machine and made a strapless bikini top.....



^ Sounds like the exact outfit you can buy at the mall now.....missing buttons and lots of worn out

No thats not the school JohnnyC.....I sit at the school every day for 70 minutes just to get "my" parking space and wait for the kiddies to get out.....One of those soccer moms roll in to my space and I get all

Wanted to take the soft top off for this nice stretch of sunshine and got cooked good for a couple days....

Edit: Its the museum close to home JohnnyC....I do like playing on the train though....
Nice job Jim! I'm cutting the top off my FJC so you can make me one. :clap:
Will Claire still be able to sit on top at the Mt Pleasant parade?
Next HAMOM is at Jim's house, we all get new bikini's...(Although Brock may want to wear his)
i am just relieved this thread did not go where I was expecting.....not sure my eyes could handle jim standing in from of the 40 in a matter how damn good he is at sewing. :D :D
I'm afraid with my skinny arse I'd need suspenders to hold a bikini up.......

Hows that mental picture?.....:)
Thanks for the visual, Jim
Must not have that mental image must not have that mental image,must not have that mental image. AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHdidn't work god please have mercy!!!Kill me quick:)

Can't coment on the pic's of the 40's bikini pic out for some reason but know the work Jim does i am sure it is killer. Doc:grinpimp:
Decided I didnt like the strapless bikini so I made a new one with straps....
BBQBOY - If you have a windshield channel I'll bring you a bikini in your choice of color (black, khaki, or OD Green) since you're so
generous with the bumper....

If you don't have a windshield channel maybe someone else has one that they don't want/use or you could order one if you want...

You have a deal Jim. Let me see if I can even find a channel first.

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