Made a Trip to "The Roc" in Columbus


Checkers R Wreckers
May 11, 2005
Couple weeks ago Marc Rieser, manager of the facility, invited myself and a buddy out to check out the Roc first hand. It was sweet. Marc brought his buggy and tested out some of the newer obstacles and offered Vince and I to go play. Only rule was "Don't Roll!"

There is a lot of love going into this place and some of these obstacles are insane. The venue is supposed to accomodate 14K specatators and have limited camping. Light poles up everywhere so running at night is even an option.

Heard word there is going to be course set up for local rigs that's not as crazy as the main course, but enuff to offer lots of fun.

It's within the 270 outerbelt which still blows my mind. W.E. Rock nationals will be in Columbus this fall with rigs from all over.

Here's the link to the site

Here's a link to our pic gallery that day.

Just thought I'd share :beer:
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