Machine Shop Recommendations in New England

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60 Series Iron Works
Sep 28, 2009
Could any of you Mudders please offer recommendations for engine machine shops knowledgeable in 2F and 3FE's in New Hampshire or northern Massachusetts? I know there are listings for repair and restoration shops in the FAQ but I haven't seen any machinists listed.

All the local shops I've found through web searches are really more like small, specialty manufacturing businesses catering to the multiple defense contractors in the area. They make components rather than machine engine parts.
Dunno where you are and how far you want to go, but I used R&L Engines ( in Dover when I had the machine work done on my 22RE block. Excellent service, done quicker and cheaper than estimated. We use them exclusively to do all the machine work when we need to send small engines out for work in the classes we teach here in Durham. They work on everything from the smallest lawnmover engines to huge high performance dragster engines, even big rig engines.
Thank you, KLF.
Any other suggestions?
Hey, Joe. I've got another project going that I'm considering putting in a 2FE. I should start another build thread but the progress has been so slow. I'm still agonizing over which power plant to use in the '88 I've been tinkering with; 2FE vs 1HZ vs V8 vs 12HT.

A 2FE is something I can do with the facilities I have available. Going diesel requires trusting someone else to do the work. I'm on the wrong coast for good conversion shops.

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