For Sale MA: 80-series Kaymar rear tire carrier - not full bumper

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Mar 30, 2009
United States
This is now sold.
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I'll take it, I can have my brother inlaw pick it up.

By the way I was there till last Monday . Give just a bit of time to contact him, thanks.
I think that this will work with the 80 Series Kaymar bumper that is also listed for sale. Can you ship to Los Angeles? What if I provide a shipper number?
i believe this tire carrier only works for stock 80 bumpers and not a kaymar bumper. It is a way to get your tire from underneath the truck and mount a swing out style using the orignal bumer.
Correct me if i'm wrong though.
Check out to see picks or man-a-fre has this setup for sale new.Cheers
Correct, this is designed for stock bumpers only. This is not an additional piece for full bumpers.
I'll take it as is, cash in hand!

Okay, I have one person ahead of you that is fairly committed. I will let you know either way what will happen within the next 2-3 days.

Thanks for your patience.
I'm ready to PayPal you tonight with no fees(gift) . After 830 pm. Consider it sold I just have to choose what route to take fjne parts train route or through my BIL. I'm currently fishing right now. Thanks.

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