m416 leaf springs (replacement)

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Jun 8, 2011
I'm building an m416 trailer to tow behind my truck. I just ordered a new axle with electronic brakes and need new leaf springs. The orignal 416 leafs i have are warped really bad. Im looking for something that is 36 inches eye to eye because thats what the orignal springs measure too. Im also looking for something a little softer then the factor springs. If anyone knows where to buy what im looking for a little help would be great.

Thanks Matt
Tahoetacoma said:
Would those ^ work with the factory shackles and bolts?

Probably. If they are mil spec yes. The mil bolts are larger diameter if memory serves. If the springs are after market just get rid of the bushings.

Find a local spring shop, they'll have the bolts shackles springs and all the info you need to get you going.


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