M1101 build

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Mar 24, 2016
Well this thing has made it's way back around to me via a buddy. It's a Schutt M1101 trailer like all of the tan/green carc painted ones you see from gov liquidation auctions. This one was never put into service, it was bought as a contract overrun new from the factory and the general use contractor style topper was built for it by a now defunct upfitter. Short of the twin 20# propane bottles on the front and the rear hitch receiver, it's exactly how it was purchased a few years back. Right now it sits on the military standard 37's with double bead-lock wheels and the noisy pintle-lunette setup.

Here are my plans for the build:

  • Ditch the 5" drop straight axle in favor of a Timbren Axle-less suspension
  • Abandon the hydraulic surge brakes for full electric
  • Change the pintle-lunette setup for a Lock-N-Roll hitch
  • Add a screened sliding window on the drivers side where the front tilt-up door is
  • Build aluminum shelves the depth of the inner wheel well on the passenger side to allow for storage inside the flip-up doors on that side (kitchen/fridge)
  • Enclosed trailer style roof rack for use with kayaks and possibly a RTT should it ever be needed
  • 270 degree awning on the passenger side to cover the passenger side flip-ups while using the kitchen and it'll cover the rear doors for the entrance into the trailer
  • Straight out awning on the drivers side, when combined with the 270 it'll be covered on three full sides
  • Water tank beneath the trailer, likely in the 20-30 gallon range, plumbed with a pump for use as a wash down and for the shower
  • Shower awning/enclosure on the front passenger side
  • The interior will be insulated for sound and thermal and siliconed at all junctures, holes, gaps etc. to limit dirt/dust intrusion and then finished out in some way
  • Lights and a two-way fan installed inside, I plan to skip a dedicated battery system and have everything run to my Bluetti portable power station

I hope to get started on this soon and work on it in stages in my free time in hopes of having this completed by years end.




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