LX570 Suspension Dealer Confusion

Jun 4, 2018
Hi Everyone,
I drive a 2009 LX570 with 145k Km. I’m not much of a car guy but I am having suspension issue and need help with Diagnossis.

- Recently the vehicle used to lean to one side (Driver side) by 2 - 3 inches at time. The lean usually used to be either towards the driver front and rear always. Usually occurred when turning left or right. The steering wheel also used to turn a bit left as a result (Just like when the alignment is out). After driving straight the vehicle used come back to Normal, balanced on all 4 sides and the steering wheel becomes straight. Seems as if the pump kicks back in.
Also, while the vehicle used to lean towards the driver side, I could hear and feels the bumps (Not otherwise) as being rigid and used hear something (noise as if the spring compresses when hitting a bump).

Since last week the vehicle is regularly leaning to the driver side specially from the rear so I have decided to take it to the dealer.

Btw I had gotten it inspected when I had initially purchased it and was told there was a minor leak in the driver front and rear side.

What kind of suspension does LX570 has?
It is regular shocks with AHC systems.

A side note, I’m in Canada, Ontario and this vehicle is not very common (As told by 5 different Lexus dealerships). I have literally Contacted 6+ dealerships around here and explained them the issue and they all have different answers apart from telling me that this vehicle is very uncommon. Some of them even told me that they have not done much work on LX570’S but the suspension is similar to GX460 and LS which they have worked on as it’s more common.

Is the AHC system bad or the shocks? I guess the pump is fine as the other side has always been normal (Touchwood)
If so could someone point out what’s wrong??

Please help!!
Thanks in advance!!
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