For Sale LX470 98-02 Lund Billet Grill Satoshi

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Jan 20, 2008
United States

For sale is a very very rare brand new in box Lund Billet Grill for the 98-02 LX470

This is a direct fit into the existing frame in any 1998-02 lx470.

I purchased this for my 05 LX in hopes of fabricating a "Lexus" version of the Satoshi grill for the 100 series.

Unfortunately I received the item and without opening the box saw the manufacturing sticker stating 98-02. (Seller said there was no info on the box)

After researching this can fit an 03-07 with the purchase of a 98-02 grill frame and the valance trim pieces under the headlights and grill.

The top 2 photos are different examples of the Toyota version .. Bottom 2 pics are examples on Lx without badges


*this Last picture is pure inspiration on a 100 series .. Come on LX guys - you need this.

Set you truck apart

$250 PayPal including ground shipping.
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I know its been a few years... but is it still available?
I purchased the Lund Billet Grill but, have never installed it. It looks like the Old Guy Rules LX. I hardly ever sell anything but, I also don't like wasting something that someone else wants either. So if you want it, please make me an offer.
Thanks for the reply! I need to figure out a few things first but will keep it in mind. Do you have a link to Old Guy Rules LX? Thx
Hi, I was wondering if this grill is still for sale? If so, would you be willing to ship to the UK? I have a land cruiser cygnus and would love to put that grill on.

I still have the grill and it is still available but, I am handling a very big family emergency right now. So if it will be at least a couple of weeks before I can bother with talking about it.
Sorry to hear that. I hope everything is OK man. Let me know whenever you are ready to sell and I'll take it off you hands. Take care.

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