LX470, 1.5" Lift and the Front Differential

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Mar 27, 2019
Longwood, Florida
Looking for some guidance...

Wife's rig. 2004 that has a 1.5" lift. We have had it for about 3 years - maybe 165000 miles. No issues. I have known the CV axles were bad and then clicking started. I took it to the dealership to have them replaced. I had to have it returned in less than 2-weeks to have one of the CV axles already spitting grease. They replaced them but they cant diagnose the clicking. The tech thought it was the front axle / differential. They wouldnt continue the diagnose any further unless it was changed back to OEM ride height.

They cited the lift and angle as the issue - possible stress. To me, it didnt have any issues before with the lift, etc. The differential might need attention but is the lift that much of a concern. Whats odd is the clicking will start once you press the accelerator. Off the accelerator and coasting, no clicking.

Any thoughts, suggestions...i am going to another shop tomorrow.
Something like this?

yes...of course its a little different being in the cab but its the same rhythm for lack of better terms...the clicking that is.

Does yours occur or did occur when had the accelerator pressed?
Okay here are a few notes I took while driving around. I took it about 4 miles and honestly it drove amazing other than the drivetrain noise and clicking. I obviously attribute that to the new hub flange, lower ball joint, and LCA bushings. I’m narrowing it down to the u-joint in the front drive shaft closest to the front diff which is original to the truck (234k+). Thinking about getting the whole front drive shaft assembly with new joints just in case 37140-60370). I would obviously still like to know what everyone else thinks.
  • Seems to originate from the center of the vehicle, not offset to one side or the other
  • It’s much faster than the rotation of the wheels, like 5-10X’s faster
  • Over 30-35mph and the noises and vibrations in the floorboard really mellow out. I got up to 50mph and really couldn’t feel or hear anything, but maybe it was being drowned out in the wind noise since I had the windows down
  • Does NOT occur while coasting in neutral forward or backward no matter if I’m turning or not
  • The only thing that makes the noise & vibrations occur is when gas (torque) is applied while in drive, no matter if I’m turning or going straight. It seems like the more torque that’s applied (ie. going up an incline) the louder and more prevalent it is
  • Does not affect driving mannerisms. I really can’t seem to feel it in the steering wheel
Yes, you can see my notes above. It ended up being an issue with the inboard portion of one of my aftermarket axles (the part that goes into the diff). The teeth were pretty worn and the c-clip was messed up when it was removed. Aftermarket axles installed by an indy mechanic. Replaced with OEM and no issues since. I do not have a diff drop
Did you get OEM Toyota CV's?

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