LX450 with Toyota logo on steering wheel

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Jun 16, 2008
A friend of mine is looking at a 1997 LX450 for me today. From the pictures, the vehicle looks very clean, but I noticed the logo on the steering wheel is the Toyota "T", not the Lexus "L".

Is this normal.
I compared with other LX450's and all I found was the signature Lexus "L" logo on the steering wheel.

I'm afraid the vehicle has been repaired.
Two things come to mind.
Replaced the airbag since it deployed. Car-fax should have a record of any reported accident where it was deployed.
Leather on steering wheel wore out and they replaced it with a used Toyota steering wheel.
Accident history? Could have had a previous airbag deployments.
Although the Lexus leather steering wheels don't wear well from my experience and could have been replaced.
Something worth asking about though.

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