Lx450 with new swaying problem

Aug 7, 2007
Pikesville MD
I need some help. I was in the tire shop having my wheels rotated and I just happened to take a look at the progress and notice that my drivers side rotor was on the shop floor. When I asked what happened they told me my LX slipped off the jack. I had them check out everything and they said all looked good.

I have been working with the shop forever so I know they will take care of me. So I started to drive home and noticed at freeway speeds I now have tons to body roll or swaying. It is so bad I get worried about my own safety.

I took it back into the shop and they looked it over. They said everything that they can see look great. I pressed them again, but they said everything they can see look great.

Now my LX is 1997 at it is bone stock. But is drives like it has a 20" lift or something. You can actually see and feel the rig roll from side to side at highway speeds. One other thing that I started to notice after the fall from the jack is that when I brake while going over a few small bumps (like a cobble stone/brink cross walk) I can feel through my brake pedal my ABS activating. I had never experienced that before the rig fell of the jack.

I am sure hoping you guys have some ideas.




Nov 27, 2003
if the rotor hit the ground, one of many things could be bent or broken. take some pics and maybe someone can spot the problem.
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