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Nov 17, 2003
I have looked thru the search but haven't found the answer to my question:

For highway and washboard gravel road travel would replacing the original shocks on 97 LX450 with Landcruiser OEM shocks be good enough or would Bilstein/Rancho etc work significantly better?

Good enough means to me: less side to side rocking on highway and better ride on washboard gravel roads. I drive 1.5 miles of gravel every time I leave my house. My 4WD use is mostly driving gravel bars along the river to get canoes to the water. I have heard that the original shocks probably have been "gone" for the last 60,000 miles (currently at 82,000 miles, just bought this rig).
Get Edelbrock. They are the best OEM replacement shock available IMO.
Yes, I'm interested in the consensus opinion on this, too. I've read the threads, and I'm having a little trouble arriving at my decision as well. original shocks after 145k, so I guess it's time. 80% highway/city driving, 20% to the camp with 'rougher than washboard' ruts, ditches, and the like. Probably the worst conditions are the deploarable roads down here. Am also towing a fairly large boat on the weekends (25').

Bottom line: best replacement shocks for the LX to achieve (in priority order) (A) same or better overall drivability, although not necessarily stiffness, (B) reduced rocking on I-65 / I 20 to Atlanta, (C) Less 'squat' in the rear (don't even THINK about it, Junk)..(spring issue, I've concluded, but cant decide on the appropriate OME to buy, and (D) Slightly, and I do mean slight, higher lift without necessating other adjustments.

Thanks......at least y'all have convinced me on OME springs.
Try OME861/862 low lift springs with matching shocks (use stock bushings if you go this route) or stock shocks.
Weak/sagged springs would quickly worn out new shocks IMHO.

Changing shocks alone would NOT help much, especially in the side by side rocking issue (I've tried them).

I don't know what they use in LX450s but the oem Tokico shocks in the FZJ80 are stiff mofo. Once they're out, they're VERY hard to compress. The OME (old man emu) shocks are a mild gas charged shocks but still pretty stiff. Coming from the softer LX, you may or may not like the stiffer shocks. I'm trying on a set of Rancho RS9000 shocks and so fare the ride is very nice. This is totally subjective but I like the ride provided by the Ranchos. However, they transmit more of the "bumps" into the cab. These shocks don't behave nearly as nice as the OMEs. Like they say, get what you pay for. One guy is trying the Procomp shocks. He should give us a feedback shortly.

Good luck.
Just put Rancho 9000's on my 9 year old LC that had original shocks. Started with setting 4 and noticed a substantial decrease in body wallow during cornering. Set the rears up to 9 when towing our trailer and haven't set them back yet. Very stiff. I can tell a seat of the pants difference.
Thanks for the suggestions, guys...

...but hey: Beo, CDan, Tyler, Photo, Johnaton, Cary.......awww heck......even you, Junk: and all the rest of you who've made the transition.....put yer $.02 in here, please. Me and MWD are basically asking the same thing, only I'm throwing in the appropriate OME coil varient.

Just looking from a reliable recommendation from y'all from your knowledge and experience... you know what we're trying to accomplish, we just need your help.

Oh yeah....Hey C&#039:Dan.....no Woodland Camo.....how 'bout Mossy Oak Breakup?
Low lift springs (OME 861/862) and replacement Edelbrocks will get you exactly what you are asking for...

A better stance, and the best ride you can get. I ran this essential setup for almost a year and upgraded only for better height and more capability.

That is my experience.
bkgiii and MWD,

The Rogue is right on. The Edelbrocks are made for you. They have a valve that senses the road condition. Stiffens for smooth roads and softens for the washboards.

I run them on the freeways and I've had them on the washboards in Baja. They are as advertised.

Another good thing is that Edelbrock tested them on landcruisers with a 3" lift and also stock height and approved them for both.

No affiliation. Get no commission, etc. Just think the setup is great.



You'll have to click on Shocks in the left column. I tried to copy the URL for the correct page but the address doesn't change when surfing the site. The Performer IAS is the model for the 80.

I've never verified that the Lexus and Toyota springs are different on the 80 series though it seems to be conventional wisdom and I'd expect it. If so, what about simply getting a set of Toyota springs and shocks? The shocks are a mere $22 each and they're extremely well built Tokico contrary to whomever told you they wear out easily. Can't imagine the springs being much either. Would upgrade you to like new LC ride/handling which IMHO (former vehicle developer) is an excellent package.

When my ride deteriorated slightly at 100k, I replaced them with a set of stock shocks and it rides like new again. Was surprised at the small amount of difference, which speaks well of the stock Tokico shocks - a respected maker. The rears even have welded on gravel guards. My old shocks showed no leakage and smooth operation throughout their travel - impressive.


FWIW, personally the only way I would go back to OEM springs is if somebody put a gun to my head.

With all of your experience (which I greatly respect), I bet you would really appreciate what the OME 861/862 setup does to an 80.

Sometimes things feel better just because a guy just spent a bunch of money and imagines it to be better to justify the expenditure. In this case, it, without a doubt, significantly changes the personality of the 80. very much for the better.

If you are ever in SoCal, take mine for a ride.


I'm with you that OME spring/shock kits are the best out there. They'll be on my rig some day.


Mossy Oak will do just fine ;)

For the record, the 80 and LX450 use the same springs but different shocks. Good results can be had by switching to OEM 80 series shocks on a street-driven LX. The best part is the fact that a whole set can be had for the price of ONE OME shock.

That being said I'll keep my 850/863/N73/N74 thanks..... :cheers:


I'd bet that adding your airbags to the OME would be the ultimate versatile setup for all of us.

[quote author=mwd link=board=2;threadid=8450;start=msg71747#msg71747 date=1070648712]
I have looked thru the search but haven't found the answer to my question:

For highway and washboard gravel road travel would replacing the original shocks on 97 LX450 with Landcruiser OEM shocks be good enough or would Bilstein/Rancho etc work significantly better? [/quote]

some info on Old Man Emu shocks. They are really good on wasboards. They have a small bypass curcuit for the fluid. This allows the shock to cycle very quickly on washboard conditions. The fluid does not go into the valve body but bypasses. If the cycling on the shock exceeds the bypass circuit, the fluid goes into the valve body and the shocks does the dampning and rebound control.

Just fyi. That is why when you compress OME shocks by hand they could feel very soft.
According to the spec sheets, Lexus has a lower payload My Lexus shocks were shot at 30k miles and the dealer replaced them with Toyota/Tokico ones. At 65k miles, the Toy/Tokico shocks were starting to tire, and I changed them to Monroe shocks.

To be honest, I haven't had very good luck with Tokico shocks and will probably not buy them again, even if they are the OEM units.

The Toyota has the Landcruiser GVWR at 6470 lbs while the LX450 is rated at 6404 lbs, so the front springs could be different.
It’s due the extra weight of the LX trim, CD charger, insulation etc. The difference is only 66 lbs.
Where were the stock shocks driven that they were "shot"? Are you an avid offroader carrying heavy loads?


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