LX450 RADIO in A 94 LC possible? (1 Viewer)



Can on used an LX450 radio and CD shuttle in a 94 landcruiser? My stock radio/cd is not working and I can get the LX unit for free. I'm not sure if this is possible or to involved as an install.
Mar 9, 2005
Short answer: Probably, but it is not plug & play, and will not be worth it. You would be much better off getting one of the Toyota/Scion decks that people are picking up for $50 on ebay. It will plug right in and work with no problems. Do a search for more info on the Scion unit.

Long answer: To give you an idea of what you would be up against:
You would need the amplifier from the LX450, since the radio does not have a built in amp. You would need to make a custom harness from the changer to the deck since the wiring between them is part of the vehicles wire harness. You would also have to make a harness from the deck to the amp. The output of the amp would then plug into your harness behind your current radio. Since there's no room for the amp back there, you would also have to make an extension harness to the amp. I'm probably even oversimplifying this wiring mess. Again, way too much trouble for a ten year old radio & cd changer.

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