For Sale LX450 Headlight (1997) - Passenger Side Headlight

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Dec 19, 2008
United States
I'm selling a passenger side light from my 1997 LX450 (drivers side already sold). The headlamp is in mint condition with no chips, nicks, cracks, scratches, etc on either the glass or the plastic. Comes with all plastic inserts/hardware and chrome. The chrome is also in great shape with no peeling or cracking. SOLD
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This is off a rig with 78k miles!
pre-weekend bump!
Still for sale
weekend bump!
still for sale. great confdition. way way way less expensive than new.
iH8mud said:
Was it $225 for the set? Cause if you're selling it for $115 I'll buy it.

Unfortunately not. It's $225 for the passenger side lamp. As you know, these things are not cheap from Lexus - more than the toyota versions.
Sorry I thought I saw you sell the driver side for much less.... My passenger side is perfect condition just started to fog up. You're right Lexus oem is outrageously expensive. Cheers
This headlight is clean with no chips, cracks, scratches, etc. THe chrome/plastic are also in great shape. Great fix for someone who has a cracked Lexus lens from a flying rock or fender bender. Less than half the new price.
Bump and price drop to $200 + shipping. I need to make room in my garage!
No can do for 150 shipped, sorry. 200 + shipping is a pretty reasonable price for Lexus glass. Other offers?
Item is sold. Thanks for everyone's interest.
Can I put in an offer for the Passenger side housing? I heard about the misfortune with USPS shipping. Was curious if you were able to sell just the housing? Cheers

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