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Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
part out, closed

Edit 1-17-06

This sale has been slwoning down so I am moving on to other things, if you need any parts contact David info@urbanlandcruisers.com

Hello all,

Completely stock 1997 LX450 with about ~150K no lockers, white with blueish/grey cladding, oak interior (same on all LX450's AFAIK), it struck solid on the rear axle damaging the axle housing and left side of the body. The air bags did not deploy.

Partial list of available parts. If you do not see what you want here post in this thread or send a private message or e-mail "RavenTai at yahoo dot com " (also paypal address). Shipped prices are for the lower 48 states only.

Tool bag with all tools $100 + shipping
Steering wheel clock spring $70 shipped
2nd row plastic step pad (left or right) $20 shipped
Dome light $30 shipped
Grab handle $35 shipped, only one left
Hazard switch $25 shipped
Most small dash switches $25 shipped (did not have CDL switch)
Door interior panels $75 + shipping
Tool bag with all tools $40 + shipping
Jack, has some rust $15 + shipping
Drivers seat, leather and padding sold, switchpack and motors available
Passenger seat, $350 + shipping
Second row seats $350 for the pair, $200 each + shipping
Third row seats, pair $200 + shipping
AC control panel (with climate control) $100 shipped
AC amplifier, $190 shipped
Hand brake handle and boot $30 +shipping
T-case knob and boot $30 shipped
Inner door handles $20 shipped
Door motor and regulator assembly $75 +shipping (drivers already sold)

Passenger side running board $50 + shipping
Lift gate is in very good shape, $350 + shipping, includes the gate itself, the glass with defrost, seals, “Lexus LX450” and chrome “L” emblem, does not include the wiper & motor, key cylinder, interior cover center brake light, harness or lift struts . Tow loops $20 each + shipping
Door latches, includes power lock actuators. $65 shipped
Lower tailgate, small portion of lower left corner bent $80 + shipping, does not include guts or hardware, includes cladding
Right doors, stripped door with seals and cladding, $300 each.
Right mirror assembly, $80 + shipping (left already sold)
Outer door handles $30 shipped
Door glass $40 + shipping
Sliding window assembly (only one piece slides on left window) $100 each + shipping

ABS pump unit $300
Cruise control unit $350

List of damaged parts
Axle housing and associated suspension, 3rd may be OK.
Left rear fender,
Left rear door
Aft end of the fuel tank, fuel tank internal equipment should be OK
The drivers door received some damage but may be salvageable.
Same with the left front fender.
Left side cladding, driver’s door cladding is useable but has some internal damage
Tailgate has small corner damage.
The drivers seat is slightly tweaked but could be fixed, considering parting this out if there is interest in its parts.

Already sold or otherwise not available.
Engine, transmission, transfer case, associated electronics and accessories
Front suspension
Front bumper,
Corner markers.
Driver’s visor
Wheels & tires
Center console top
AT shifter top (the “T” portion)
Air inlet servo motor
Some of the cladding
Steering wheel
Shifter console
Right headlight
Left mirror assembly
Drivers master door switch
Antenna switch
Front tow hooks
Right fender
Right exterior vent cover
A pillar grab handle
Drivers seat

Right now we are looking at selling the audio system together as an upgrade for a Land cruiser, so no individual parts of it as of right now.

For the most part anything else not on those three lists is available PM me for details , I will try to keep these lists up to date to save us all from chasing dead ends.

Will take Paypal or a personal check from forum members in good standing, smaller items shipped FedEx. Those in the area can pick items up near down town Atlanta.

Satisfaction guaranteed, if you don’t like it send it back and we will refund your money, you pay only return shipping.

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Mar 27, 2003
Camas, WA USA
I am interested in the (passenger side only), plastic tread plate (just inside the back door) that is for access to the third row, and the two little plastic retainers for it.
Let me know :)
Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
Montana Cruiser said:
Interested in a price on the PS power seat swtich, if in working condition. Sent you a PM.
sorry the passenger side seat will probably go whole, we may part it out later if necissary.



Sep 22, 2003
is the tail gate ok? howmuch? also the interior plactic pannel in the rear rear on the right side (the one with the cubby hole) also the front left turn signol the (the corner one.

Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
about 1/2" of the left lower corner of the lower tail gate is folded over otherwise in good shape with cladding

$95 stripped, just tail gate and cladding
$145 with latch mechanisim handles liscence plate light asembly, carpet pannel etc


Let me know
Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
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so how about this,

*************** said:
Steering Wheel minus Airbag, if you think you can sell separately
Handbrake Handle and Boot
4Hi/4Lo Knob and Boot
Grab Handles Galore. How many can you pull, and how much do you want for each.

Any Husky Liners in there?

Thanks for the feedback. Call if you have questions.
Hello *****

steering wheel just sold on Ebay
hand brake handle and boot $30
T-case knob and boot $30
grab handles are $35 each, i have already sold 2 I have the rest left
no husky liners, it was a pure stocker
shipping for the above should be about $15

let me know :cheers:

Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
phishtaco said:
What color? Whats the deal with the upper hatch for the rear?

This LX450 is white with blue grey cladding and a tan/oak interior

the lift gate is in very good shape, $375 + shipping

includes the gate iteself, the glass, seals and emblem,

does not include the wiper & motor, latches, key cylinder, interior cover center brake light, harness or lift struts .

Let me know if you are interested.



problems solved daily...
Oct 27, 2003
uhhhh...duh...Northern CA
I'm a tard and thus having trouble following what's left...so I'll ask.

I need a DS A-pillar grab handle. Got one?
I'd like an over-head (roof) grab handle. I assume this is one of the two you have remaining.

Please PM me with availability and price.

Nov 21, 2005
Used 80 series parts

Hey, I might be interested in the two front seats, especially if they are in better shape than mine:bounce2: I just bought a 94LC which ran hot, I'm hoping to get it fixed up, this site seems like it will help me do just that, any side rails that run along side the front & back door that you step on when entering vehicle?


Supporting Vendor
Jul 30, 2003
Broomfield, Colorado
Raven, I'm looking for a dash switch for the antenna. Can you PM me details? or just post up here, thanks. :cheers:

edit: also the wiring harness that clips into the back of it. Just cut it off after a few inches, whatever..
Nov 16, 2003
Dixie co. Florida
so far I have been preserving the harness as a complete unit. not sure if I am willing to cut any legs off of it just yet.

switch would be $25, shipped

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