LX450 Alignment reading results

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Aug 28, 2003
I just had an alignment done at Sears auto center a couple weeks ago because of steering issue I been having since purchasing this truck 3 months ago. The Sears shop told me the alignment checked out OK but I didn't notice any changes in the steering. Can some one help me interpet the alignment results to see if they are within factory specs? As far as I know the truck is completely stock and there were no lift modifications done.

Oh, I almost forgot. The problem is a slight diff to the right of the road when going straight. I already rotated and balanced wheels and tires. also purchased four new sets of tires as well.

Here's the results:

    Front Left    Front Right
Camber    0.1    0.0
Caster    3    2.9
Toe    0.08    0.11
SAI    13.8    16.7
Included Angle 13.7    16.8
Turning Angle Diff (data not Avialable)         
Cross Camber    0   
Cross Caster    0.1   
Total Toe    0.19   
    Rear Left Rear Right
Camber    0.1    -0.6
Toe    0.06    0.12
Total Toe    0.18   
Thrust Angle   -0.03   
Front spec:

Camber, 1 deg. +/- .75 deg. (1.75 to .25 allowable)
L/R error .75 deg. or less.

Caster, 3 deg. +/- 1 deg. (4 to 2 allowable)
L/R error .75 or less.

SAI, 13 deg +/- .75 deg.

Toe .08 in +/- .08 in

" Camber, caster and steering axis indication are not adjustable. If measurements are not within the specification, inspect the suspension parts for damaged and/or worn out parts and replace them as necessary."

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