LX450 80 series land cruiser trailer harness repair

Apr 9, 2017
working on the 80 today. i finally did the trailer hitch repair since someone let it drag and it was no longer operable.

new harness pigtail thing from NAPA
wire strippers
soldering iron
shrink tube
electric heat gun
i cut the old harness and the new harness in a staggered way so the splices wouldn't all line up.
then i put two large shrink wrap on either side of the splice (two near where it goes into the harness and two at the connector). then i put one smaller shrink wrap on each side of the splice for each wire.
i do this know case one gets screwed up but also to make sure i don't forget to put shrink wrap on.
i ended up just sort of fanning the wires and twisting them instead of twisting them and folding them over. anyway slowly working on my technique.
i always forget to clean my soldering iron but if you scrape it clean it all goes a little faster.

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