LX Rear Entertainment System

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Jul 30, 2020
Littleton, CO
Our new-to-us ‘06 LX has a rear dvd entertainment system but didn’t come with a remote control or headphones. I found some on Craigslist this morning and went to go pick up a pair of RES headphones and remote control, and look what I found in the parking lot (I’m on left all stock)! Looks like the AHC is shot as it was sitting quite low. While one of my next things to do is to flush the AHC fluid so I don’t end up like the LX on the right, the CL purchase was hit and miss. Turns out the headphones work, but the all important remote doesn’t. Seems the 86170-45020 remote model doesn’t work with 100-series, but RXs. Apparently LXs need 86170-60030 model remotes. Anyone have a remote that’ll work, or need one for an RX? Or is there a way to pair this remote to my system?

You can ping @MJK to see if he still has his remote.
So I called the local Lexus dealer and was told the remote is part #PT29660022RC, but it is discontinued. I thought I found it at LeuxsPartsNow.com but got a order void email a few hours after placing the order. There is a remote on eBay that says it is for LX but it has a different pn (see above). I don’t really want to take a $130 flyer on something that may or may not work. Suggestions?

*edit* I called a different local dealer who found an extra spare remote they had laying around and let me have it. Truly appreciate the excellent customer service at Stevinson Lexus!
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