LX 570 pulls to the right

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May 24, 2020
I have a 2011 LX 570 that pulls to the right, even though multiple alignments show it aligned. When stock it was straight, added 34's and pulled, eliminated AHC and added Dobinson IMS and it pulls more. MECHANICALLY it is aligned. My question is, are their any electronic sensors that should be or can be reset? I did the zero point calibration, but nothing changed. Tires have about 5,000 miles on them, air pressure is equal. It is not road crown. I will be adding UCA's and a sway bar to tighten up body roll.

The usual suspect when pulling when alignment is correct is bushings or something slightly bent or out of position in such a way that it manifest only during dynamic load (driving) and changes the geometry.
Other source can be the steering rack/tie rod ends.
Probably the problem was there before you changed tires/load. The change just made it worse enough so you started to notice it.
In my experience this is not going to be an easy one to diagnose.
I suggest you fix it before making nay more changes to the suspension.
One easy test is to switch back to OEM wheels (I hope you still have them).
The other one is to rotate the wheels.
These two will hopefully eliminate the tires as the source.
Are you able to post your most recent alignment printout ? Curious to see your caster, camber, toe, Cross caster…etc.
Are you able to post your most recent alignment printout ? Curious to see your caster, camber, toe, Cross caster…etc.
I do not have it, but I did see the the machine results while they were doing it and everything was green.
Even with everything in the green you can still experience this type of behavior, lift and bigger tires will make things more noticeable. Try and track down a recent detailed alignment sheet so folks here can see what you are working with.
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I hate to say it, but all of my 200s have pulled slightly to the right after the lift even after a perfect alignment. I don't notice it any more, but my wife always mentions it when she drives them. I haven't noticed any strange tire wear - though I go through tires more quickly than most due to the truck sitting for long periods of time then getting driven on a trip, wheeled, and parked for long periods again. The only 200 out of the 5 we've owned that didn't pull was the bone stock LX, and no surprise it drove the best too!
I had a bad pull to one side on a Tacoma once that turned out to be an almost new tire with a broken internal bead. I found out by switching the front tires and it pulled the other way. Just a data point for you........
Im stupid but check the parking brake clearances/adjust, i know its in the rear but still.

Heres the other thing though, is the truck level left to right? Spring sag in the steering “axle”? Take some measurements to the front fenders.
It'll probably want to go drift that direction.
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I have a lift (BP-51s, SPC UCAs, 2722 rear springs) and Nitto Ridge Graplers on stock 18" rims. Slee did the work and it drove perfectly. I then wanted the same RG tire on the spare so I bought it at Discount Tire. While I was there, I asked them to rotate the tires (5 tire rotation). They cross the backs to the opposite fronts, and take the fronts and drop them directly back to rears. Immediately after that, the truck pulled to the right. I was leaving on a 2000+ mile road trip the very next day. Driving that sucked. It wears you out continually having to pull to the left to correct the drift. When we hit our destination, my BIL and I rotated tires from the right side to left side, while keeping fronts on front and rears on rear. The hope was that this would fix the drift to the right. It did not. We checked tread depth and they were all very close (I don't remember the exact measurement). Another 1500+ miles of driving and it seemed to get a little better.

Several months later, it was time for an oil change. I thought I'd also rotate the tires, but this time I followed the owner's manual and kept the tires on their respective sides. Left rear becomes left front, LF becomes LR. Spare becomes RR, RR becomes RF, and RF becomes spare. I drove the truck after, and it pulled more to the right again.

I have no idea why it _always_ pulls right. It makes no sense that moving the tires from right to left still makes the truck pull to the right. It also makes no sense why it would get slightly better after hundreds/thousand miles. At this point, I'm waiting for when I need 4 new tires and I'll see if it all magically fixes itself.
Im a bad bad boy and i dont rotate my spare to keep it pretty and clean for later showing off on a rear carrier that i cant seem to find that works well with my truck.
Point is ive never experienced this, but i would guess as you did the meatier tire was pulling. Very peculiar indeed.

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