Wanted Lx 470/100 series LC looking in northeast

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Still looking? I have one I’m contemplating putting up for sale shortly. Coincidentally, also a 2000, with just over 211k.
We may be selling our 99 LX470 with approximately 175,000 miles and documented maintenance since new includIng over $3000 spent recently on all the majors including timing belt, water pump and tires. One owner prior to our purchase. Color is gold. No accidents on carfax but some paint work to correct clear coat peeling. Central NC truck since new with only minor surface rust on undercarriage. PM me if interested.
I got cold feet about selling...I think....unless these sale prices continue to go stupid high.
Need advice on how to sell my 1998 LX470

Prices are only going up with market changes. We are seeing upward swings in the 80 series examples now... If you have the cash on hand, your timing couldn't be better. Especially if you want to put your cash to work as banks are not paying you anything to save with them. Now is really the time to be on the look out for a clean, cancer free 💯 series market as it is on the verge of exploding higher as more and more folks are learning about their demonstrated reliability/versatility/value holding attributes.

Best of luck on your journey @JakeTheSnakeNH and @arabtrailblazer
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I am looking for a descent well-maintained Lexus Lx 470 or 100 Land Cruiser in the northeast. Any model from 1998-2007
Send me a PM or comment.

Thank you.
You may wish to say if you're looking for built or stock and what your intended uses will be.
You may wish to say if you're looking for built or stock and what your intended uses will be.
Either OP is a flipper or he/she is the least helpful 'Wanted' poster I've come across so far. Looking for:
Either an LX or LC
Any model year
No specific budget ("It depends on the car condition")
"Looking in Northeast"
No other criteria listed

IMO, 'Wanted' posts for vehicles are lazy unless there is something very specific you're after (a blue 06/07 LC with less than 200k, for instance). There should be requirements for posting them on this forum the same way there are requirements for 'For Sale' posts. If your only requirement is the region you live, go on Autotrader or FB Marketplace and put in your zip code and set a search radius.
Haha, I hear ya. I’m working with a 10k budget. Hoping to find one.
Ok, after some needs analysis at the homestead I believe I’m going to clean her up for sale after all. I have a couple last things to wrap up (new drivers seat bottom cover, o2 sensor replacement, new battery, and switch indicator plate replacement), but if you/anyone are interested send me a PM for more details.

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