LV unobtanium...45LV "CAT EYES"

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Aug 23, 2004
Carolina, RI
United States
FOR SALE: reproduction 45LV "CAT EYES"

Thanks to the use of Treeroot's lenses, LV owners will soon have what we've all been drooling for: Post up to get in line for them. Price may be a little more than the standard lenses due to the limited run. We'll see. Tissues to clean off your screen are NOT included in the order!!!

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Makes me want to get a wagon just to put them on...:D

I'm definately in for one set if not two. That's just too damn cool. Thanks Mike.
what other stuff do u have for the LV?? please i will getthe taillights how much?hmmm do u know how many 45 lv are there in the US RUNNING???
foxfab said:
WOW! My samples just arrived and they are MINT!!!! As soon as I get a price, I'll start the pre-ordering.

Anyone intersted in reproduction LV floor mats? :D

Hi. YES! Interested in both the lights and especially the floormats.
I have only found two sources for the actual production numbers. Rick Donnelly reported that the total number of pre 1968 [FJ45] frames came in at 20,000 plus These frames ran from 10,001 to 29,000 plus. This number includes all pickup and wagon models worldwide. According to Rick, the North American population of 45 wagons included the earliest, a 1963 at 14,088 sold by TLC, and the last, a 1967 owned by Don Roht at 29,964. The FJ45v and FJ45lv was produced from December 1960 to January 1967. According to Koji's website, the total number of 45v and 45lv models produced was 5,080 with about 1,500 exported to North America. I still don't know where he came up with those figures.

My gallery on has 157 different 45lv and v pictured, Georg has the registry numbers, and I am working on the VIN numbers to confirm all of that.

For comparison as for how "rare" the 45 wagons are, there were 113,000 FJ55s produced, and the production numbers for the FJ40 were around 1 million.
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koji had a contact from gifu who quoted those numbers so I remember.

I know the frames all laid down that way and so far I have never seen a FJ45 vin number that was identical across pickup/wagon platform (original)
foxfab said:
Anyone intersted in reproduction LV floor mats? :D

Mike, What does a LV floor mat look like. I've never seen one.
We are both Mikes so I guess I can answer:D

David was also working on this Mike. I'll get you the details if you don't have them already. Marc has a perfect set of mats to copy.
1963/64 they were white pyramids. 1964 through 1967 they turned to black.
Floor mat.jpg
sure looks just like the FJ25/early FJ40 step tread material that we already have in white. Not exact, but real damn close.


I'll have to ask if we can get it in black too. I believe we are all working on this together :D
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Depending on PRICE... 2 sets.
I'm interested too depending on price (I've already got the non-Cat-Eye ones from you last year). I'll need reflectors for the inspection so it's either Cat-Eyes or OEM reflectors.

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