Lurker Now Out of the Closet

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Apr 7, 2007
Front Range, Colorado
It's about time I introduced myself. Acquired a 96 FZJ80 last month. My first TLC and the shopping made much easier with the help of this forum. This is not a DD, but will see some camper pulling, sightseeing, and off road fun for the family. Sold our Defender last year and have relly missed the trail runs. So, thanks to all of you for your unwitting help. I'm still taking advantage of it as I finish up the baselining, modding, and repairing the damage I cause while doing so!

So far, I like the Cruiser better than the D-90. Wife certainly does!

Jimboni in Colorado

Okay here are pics. Nothing special. Actually took awhile to find one with the lockers, excellent mechanical condition, but cosmetically challenged (I plan on getting it dirty and dinged). Very happy with it. OME Mediums, Bilsteins, and 285 Nittos added.


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And accept the welcome of another ofttimes lurker.
Welcome :flipoff2: You should check out the Rising Sun club in Denver. Everyone is going to be in Moab this month but you should check out a meeting in June, a great bunch of guys, and girls
Welcome! :cheers:
welcome aboard :flipoff2:
Arr welcome to the sickness, how about posting some pics as well!

Lets the $$ spending begin. :flipoff2:

Defender down! Cruiser up! :beer:
welcome! pics please!

Welcome to 'the addiction' :cool:

Sold our Defender last year and have relly missed the trail runs.

Welcome to non-lurking status and welcome to the 80-Section here on 'Mud. Now that my official welcome wagon chores are done ....

Those Defender D90's are really cool trucks. The good news is that you should have quite a "Cruiser Fund" to start the build on your new-to-you 80-Series. We can help with that so just ask. :D


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