Lugs for Tundra Steel Wheels

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May 15, 2014
Lincoln, CA
I've searched and searched and found several threads, but I've ended up confusing myself. I'm switching to Tundra steel wheels and understand I can't use my stock lugs. Would somebody help me out and point me in the right direction of which I need, preferably in black. It would be greatly appreciated. Not something I want to get wrong. Thanks! I'll post pics of my switch when complete.
I run steelies and got my lugs from Gorilla Automotive. They are powder coated black and awesome.

Wouldn't you just buy Tundra steel wheel lug nuts?
for the steel wheels you want a tapered fit lug nut, your stock lug nuts are a shank fit. why not use the tundra nuts or you can use 93-94 80 nuts
Look at your stock lug nuts. On my 2000, they had the taper at the end in addition to the flat shank. They look dorky, but will work until you get smaller ones. I ran Tundra steelies for 10k miles like that.
Gorilla Automotive 91147BC Acorn Bulge Seat Black Chrome Lug Nuts (14mm x 1.50 Thread Size)

Got them on Amazon.
Verify torque on the steelies...~ 100 ft. lbs. for the nuts with washers for aluminum oem rims, ~ 145 ft. lbs. on the conical nuts for steel wheels.



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