Lucas FI cleaner

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Dec 13, 2002
Knee deep in hookers and gin
I'm normally not a big supporter of "mechanic-in-a-can", but, on a suggestion from this forum, I tried the Lucas FI system cleaner. I have one of the pressurized FI cleaners, but I haven't gotten to the GM dealer to get some of the good stuff they use. I picked up some Lucas before last fill up and there is a noticeable difference in idle smoothness, throttle response and acceleration.

Good stuff.
Where would one pick some of this up?

I tried doing a google search, but no luck.... :mad:
HOOOOS-AHHHHHH!!! Score one for me!!!!

I told you guys that Lucas stuff was top notch. Worked for me! :cheers:

Alright, I got to try it. Were can I buy this Lucus stuff?
I found it at O'Reilly Auto Parts, but I imagine you can find it at most nationwide chain auto parts stores.
Jody you did real good. Thanks for the tip! My idle was already pretty smooth, just a sporadic hiccup here and there. THERE GONE!! Also noticed smoother acceleration. One thing I was hoping it would help is my toxic smelling exhaust. No smoke, just smells too rich or something. Do you guys notice this on your rig's? Anyways, bought my 6.5 oz. bottle at Schuck's for like $3.50 and noticed improvent after about 3/4 of a tank.

Thnx again Jody,
Autozone, Napa, Advance Auto all carry it by me...good stuff, use it myself.
For those turning in late, I ran a can of Lucas through the 80 and found a smoother idle as well - while the stuff was in the tank. The next tank w/o it the slight roughness was back at about half intensity. So, I ran the othe can through and finished it over the weekend. Now the result is final, as this is just plain gasoline.

What it cured was an idle that sounded like this: DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaDaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... with the "aaa" the smooth portion and a catch every 3-4 seconds that was accompanied with a slight shake like a miss. Gone.

I'm a bit puzzled as to what it cleaned out since I regularly use Techron twice a year and only use top shelf gasoline (mainly Chevron w/ techron). But I suspect that a given brand of cleaner is designed to remove certain things as it can't be designed for everything. So, it's apparently a good idea to use a different brand once in a while so their cleaning targets overlap. The same is true of shampoo, which is why your hair is often notably different feeling when you get a new brand. I use whatever's handy.

Anyhow, thanks for the recommendation Jody. Good stuff.

Gumby, I was at the GM dealer and they use BG44K in their injection cleaner machine.

97Cr, I have the same smell, I thinks its the cats but nots sure :D

ID, thanks for the shampoo tip :flipoff2:
What's hair?

BG44K is seriously caustic stuff. I used to be able to get it at Champion auto in Phoenix. Never tried the Lucas cleaner. I'll try it out in 100k miles :).

Just don't ever try to shampoo your cats. They'll smell terrible next time the exhaust heats up... :D

As I was reading this thread there was a comerical for Lucas.

The people from LCML will remember what I did to a cat.
[quote author=IdahoDoug link=board=2;threadid=8066;start=msg68499#msg68499 date=1069900123]

Just don't ever try to shampoo your cats.


I tried this once and got horribly scratched up. didn't see the cat again for a week....

I'll 2nd Doug's recommendation against it
Has anyone tried the official Toyota Injector Cleaner? CDan maybe? I heard a rumor that they had to change the packaging because it was eating through the cans!

I've been using the official Toyota High Performance Penetrating Oil and it's possibly better than Kroil! An alternating combination of Kroil and the Toyota product is just amazing.
I used the Toy Inj cleaner. It is some nasty stuff.
I was given card that said to not dump it in the tank unless you plan on driving, using up that tank of gas and filling up a gain as it will eat your tank and lines.
I will use it again

Is the pen oil better than PB blaster???

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