Lube Steering Knuckle  

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by landtoy80, May 30, 2003.

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    Mar 13, 2003
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    What is the grease fill plug for on the steering knuckle? All the manuals say to add grease. The guys on LCML say adding grease in the fill hole does nothing.

    1 Why does Toyota put the fill hole on if it has no use?
    2 Does adding grease lube the birfield or just the steering
    3 How much grease do you add? I always just filled till it was full.
    When you service the birfiels you only fill 3/4 full. When adding
    adding grease in fill hole, how can you tell when its 3/4 full?
    kurt 87fj60
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    Re:  Lube Steering Knuckle  

    1. It may have a use, but the grease does not get to the birf. It is not a substitute for repacking

    B. See above

    III. I would not fill to the top. My mini was routinly filled to the top by the PO and the grease was forced into the axle housing past the seal (which is not designed to seal in that direction) It filled up the axle and it looked a whole lot like the axle in the picture Christo posted on the repacking birfs thread.

    I never lube at those plugs.
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    Mar 27, 2003
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    Re:  Lube Steering Knuckle  

    The only thing I've ever heard in favor of filling through those holes is that when you have the knuckle at least half full, if you happen to break a birf a certain way, it will hold the parts in place and enable you to steer, albiet in 2wd.  This was from a guy in our club who is the type that breaks birfs quite a lot.  Others don't agree with this. I would say, repack the birf and don't bother with those holes.  I've heard that some really serious guys that plan on being in there replacing birfs so often don't like filling up the knuckle cause it makes more mess when you have to change them.  I agree with Gumby. (As if it matters :G)
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