Lube how-to / driveshaft clicking sound

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Jun 10, 2015
Franklin, Massachusetts
it's definitely the time to grease the entire drivetrain on my 60. For the most part I see and understand where I need to grease the driveshaft. But this will be the first time I've ever attempeted the birffs/knuckles or anything of the sort. There is no "soup" coming out of the knuckles

Does anyone have a picture of the plug and or a good how too thread link to grease our rigs?

They look to be in good shape, but I'll add a picture in the AM. So as far as I know they don't need a rebuild, but will definitely need grease. I know this was covered before, but I can't find the thread that I saw in the past

When the rig is rolling, I can hear a subtle clicking sound down beneath, which seems to be coming from the driveshaft. How many pumps of grease is appropriate for each of these driveshaft joints? Hoping this is the issue as its been a good 10k since they've been greased, as far as I know.

Again, this will be the first time I grease an entire vehicle head to toe, so forgive my ingorance here. Looking to do it right the first time. I'm just concerned and don't want to add too much grease and really dig myself a hole.
Check out your owners manual, not the FSM, (if you have it, routine maintenance chapter).
The driveshafts have zerks at the u-joints, and I would give them two-five pumps on the grease gun, or until the grease oozes out, then wipe clean. You may want to have the 60 in neutral in order to rotate the driveline a bit, or roll the rig forward a half turn to access the zerks, one at each u-joint, and the one at the slip yoke. Do both front and rear drivelines, and your tie rod ends too.
For the knuckles, there is a square plug, 10mm size(?) and I would use a flashlight to look inside, use a long zip tie to determine how full it is, should be half-full with grease, not soupy backwoods goop. With stock tires, you should be able to wedge your head in over the top of the tire in order to see the plug forward of the steering arm.
The knuckle has a pipe plug with a square head. Any wrench that fits is fine, open end, crescent, etc. The plug is this style and is located on top , off center.

Fill it with a grease gun until you can't. Driveshaft has zerk fittings in each u-joint and at the slip. Fill the u-joints until the grease start escaping from the seals. Watch to see the grease escapes from all four seals, one at each trunnion. Frequently one or more of the passages in the cross section will plug. If they do no grease will get to that bearing cup. Keep pumping until all four show signs of grease escaping. You can clean up the excess afterwards.
Might as well grease the tie rod ends while you're at it.
You can't overdo the grease unless it's a cheesy late 70's musical , in which case once is too much

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