LTX A/T 2 in 285 75 r16

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Sep 7, 2005
Anyone running these? Considering Michelins or Revo 2's. Any others I should add to my list?

Mostly on road driving. Stock suspension. Prefer quiet tires but wanted something I won't cringe with when driving over rocks. Any thicker sidewall tires that perform well as DD tires?
I bought my 93 nearly three years ago that came with the A/T 2 in that same size, used. 55k miles later, I still have them on, but they are due for a swap. I'd guess they have at least 75k on them. Quiet (still) on the highway, even now, but my truck is moving from a DD to a weekend/as-needed driver, and I'm going to get some M/Ts.

As far as performance, great on the road, no problems with them running some basic trails in CO, but they were not good in snow (probably due to being at their wear limits so perhaps not a fair evaluation).

I'd buy them again in a heartbeat, except they are darn expensive.

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