LSD in front axle

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Sep 24, 2007
Hello All,

I came across an 60 series LSD and was wondering about putting it in the front axle of my cruiser. I know it will be better than no locker but was wondering if you all think its worth it or should I just go with a locker. I am putting a locker in he rear so I thought an LSD might be neat but I guess if you need it to help out, you want locked traction. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you


I run one in the front of mine and love it. I had arb's in my last rig. So I've experienced both. Both have benefits and draw backs. With the LSD your less apt to break. With the arb you have a litlle better extreeme traction. ARB is a pain in the ass to steer without hydro assist. LSD=no problem steering.

I currently run a Detroit out back and an Auburn LSD up front with Profield birfs. No issues yet and I go everywhere fully locked rigs go. My .02 cents Troy in Tahoe
Thanks Troy! I was thinking that there would be better steering with the LSD. Good to hear from someone with both!


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