LS Swap Radiator placement - want to leave room for condenser

Aug 9, 2005
Cary, NC
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Hey Folks,
I'm about 85% done swapping a 6.0L LQ9 into my '78 40 series. I am on to cooling and I'm using a Griffin 19x22" aluminum radiator. It is crossflow with 1.25" tubes, and I'm running a brushless Spal 500W 14" fan via a custom shroud. My swap is using the Mark's kit, and so I have a good bit of space up front, but I don't want to move the raidator any further inward than necessary.

With that said, I want to leave plenty of space for an AC condenser for the future. I'm looking at ~9.5 inches between the water pump pulley snout and the rear lip of the radiator support frame, of which the rad, fan and shroud eat about 6.5". With a '78 non-AC config, I barely had space for a PS cooler, so I know I need to take the opportunity to increase the space between the front grill assembly and the Radiator, but how much? Anyone have a solid recommendation?

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