Lowlife smashes rear quarter window

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Jul 30, 2012
Albuquerque NM
View attachment 1282795 View attachment 1282794 View attachment 1282793 Some lowlife smashed the quarter window in my rear door.
Toyota says I ordered the last one in North America but in the mean time I remembered a friend had spare doors.
The job was surprisingly easy but I thought I'd do a write up here.
Lower winding window, remove inner door panel (1 screw in the handle, 2 in the arm rest) pop off the panel.
Carefully pry up and remove outer chrome trim.
At the top of the door channel, under the door seal, is a single screw.
There are two bolts in the door holding the channel,remove and tilt the channel forward about 45 degrees.
Now you need to play with the windup glass to remove it from the winding mechanism so it can drop to the bottom of the door. Now the center window channel can be pulled all the way out of the door.
Now you can remove the quarter window and its rubber seal.
Carefully pick out all the broken glass and put the seal on your new quarter window.
Put the outer chrome trim back on the door. Place the quarter window in near the center of the window opening, start at the bottom then push the top in. I use lots of dish soap to lube things up.
Slide quarter window back into place. Reinstall window channel ( be sure windup glass is centered in channel)
Now you can feed windup glass rubber back into place. Run windup glass a few times and make minor adjustments to the channel, tighten bolts. Reinstall door panel and admire your work.



What did he get away with?
That's why I leave my doors open. s*** phucks don't give a crap that most of the time the junk they steal is worth less than the replacement cost of that window.

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