Lower metal radiator hose dented by frame?

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Mar 31, 2008
Big Island Hawaii
My lower metal radiator hose has a dent in it right where it goes above the round frame crossmember, above the panhard rod. I guess a rock or something could have got caught up there but it looks like the pipe hit the frame at some point. Maybe a broken motor mount?
pic 1.jpg
pic 2.jpg
Almost looks like the dent should be there. In any event, I doubt you would see any effect on the cooling performance.
I dont know if it should be like this or not, but mine is exactly bent as your...
Maybe it is unique feature of these cruisers like PHH and headgasket...
Its probably bent to allow clearance so its not rattling against the frame then.
Its probably bent to allow clearance so its not rattling against the frame then.

It's what i thought this bent for. So it's why i never really bothered to to fix it or replace it.
That's really weird. Whets even weirder is ours is the exact same... :)
oddly enough...the lower pipe on both my 80s are bent like that in the same place...
another 80 oddity? kind of like the factory dented exhaust pipe
Same dent hear
May all of our 80's were in front end accindents and this is evidence:p
Mike, All the guys with bends have 1fz's and you have a 3f, that is interesting
add another bent 1fz. i'll have to check the lexus engine i've got in the garage and see if it's got the dent too.
Mine is bent like that also... was thinking of looking into it, but figured no leaks, and nothing wrong. I'll leave it ... this kind of confirms it I guess.

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