Lower Mainland JDM non-mechanical issues

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Aug 22, 2005
Hey Guys, I have a great diesel mechanic who helps me take great care of my 12H-T motor but I am having other issues that he cant help me with. I need someone to help me with:

- a horn that doesn't work
-no brake lights :)eek: I know)
-left side wiper stopped working
-power windows sticking to the rubber track

-etc, etc...

There was once a time when I would do all this work myself but am just too busy these days. Can anyone recommend an electrical specialist for my truck HJ61 24volt. I just want to drop it off and the work be done. I also don't know what parts I need, etc.

Thanks guys. I know these are safety issues... the brake lights are the final straw (and it's not just the bulbs).

I'll check out ATEB in Burnaby as they are closer.
easy fixes and quite common too

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