Lower Cruiser Gears

Feb 1, 2002
Indianapolis, Indiana
I want em, along with the toybox! Ready to start making my mods for the upcoming season. Looks like it is gonna be real busy with Erocc and Nuerocc.

I'm still interested in ToyBoxing my Cruiser. Just agreed to a tire deal with BFG for the new 35" Krawlers, and a few other associate/vendor sponsor talking now.

A fresh Marlin Crawler/ToyBox paint scheme is very possible!
Oct 18, 2002
I deffinitly would be in for lower gears in my x-fer for the cruiser....i want a toybox and will put one in at some point but its a PITA when you are just starting out and a big expense...I have a 3spd xfer anyway so that will help out lots...i made up a little excel spreadsheet a while back to figure out what was the best bang for my buck as far as lowering my overall gear ratio was..seemed that for everything the toybox was the best way to go for the most amount of reduction...sticking with all LC other parts (no chevy trannys)...i figured 1600 bucks with driveshaft mods, 4.7:1 gears, adapters ect ect...


I can't get the registery page at Marlin to work, so if someone wants to post this over, feel free.

I agree with both Henry and Jim. With the LC splitcase on a 60, it makes more sense to create a doubler for the H41/H42/H55F tranny; There's driveshaft room to work with.

That said, a reasonably priced source for lower gearsets would be great

I want one one or both!


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