Low Range Off-Road vE-Locker Wiring Harness Kit

Jun 29, 2020
Colorado Springs
Looking for some experience with these harnesses and basic operation of the factory e-lockers. I'm in the middle of swapping factory e-locker axle assemblies in to my non locked 96 cruiser and I'm going to use the plug-n-play Low Range harnesses. 1st, does anyone use these harnesses? If so, please share the details of how they work, do you just push and release the locked side of the switch or do you have to keep it pressed for 1-2 seconds to ensure actuator gear turn and spline activation? Do you possibly have to roll the vehicle slightly if the splines aren't lined up when you push the switch? Do you have it wired to the dash light that shows axle is locked? Do you have it connected direct to the battery or a switched power lead? Unfortunately, Low Range Off Road has NO DETAILS on their site and the last time I talked to one of the support jokers on May 20 he basically insulted the 80 series e-lockers, he said he can't remember the last time he saw saw an 80-series, probably just a new wet behind the ears rep with a dirty millennium diaper, it's hard to find good people with social skills these days.

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