low oil pressure at idle - normal?

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Apr 12, 2003
Hello everyone – I just purchased my first Land Cruiser, it’s a 1996 with 90,000 miles. Occasionally at idle I have noticed the oil pressure gauge displays a very low value. When driving the gauge registers a normal value. Is this normal? My other cars do not do this. but I am certainly no mechanic.
Also the antenna mast was broken off at the hood. Is it possible just to replace the mast? As far as I can tell, SOR only sells the whole assembly – motor and mast for $150.00. Anyone know of a write-up on this repair?

By the way, I love this truck. My jeep has not moved since I bought this thing. It came complete with the OME heavy suspension, 285 BFG AT’s, ARB bull bar, Slee sliders, skid plate and headlight harness. I’m thrilled.
Hi KStone and welcome to Cruiser ownership.

There is a prior post in the archives that will give you information on where to buy manuals, including the 96 owner's manual. While you have the credit card out it would be a good time to get the FSM. From your description it is hard to tell if the oil pressure reading is normal. Fluctuations at idle are normal and the guage on my '97 sometimes drops to the lower "range" mark.

IIRC, there was a mid-96 change on the antenna mast. My '97 is built like the later 100 series antennas. C-Dan will know for sure. There is a write-up in the archives on installing the later version masts with some discussion of the earlier versions. &nbsp:Do a search and let us know if you cannot find the information. Both early and late masts can be purchased without the motor. Both should be less than $30 at the Toy store.

It sounds like you have a well rigged truck as the base for starting your mods. Slee off-road has a great rear bumper with tire carrier that many on this forum have installed. Several guys have the TRD S/C and love it. Post some pics of your truck if you get a chance!

Again, welcome to the 80's section!

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