Low miles vs. Low cost?

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Oct 27, 2004
If it were up to you...

stock 60 with low miles, no rust, no mods, but higher price or,

lifted, bumpered, high mile 60, some rust, with relatively low price

Opinions please. Naturaly, we're not talking about an infinite amount of money.

Your final goal

If you want to end up with a lifted, bumpered offroad outfit then I would say it is a toss-up if the mods on the low dollar one are what you envision. If you get the cheaper one, you will be putting your money into u-joints, power steering pumps, brake boosters, transfer cases, piston rings, rear main seals, etc ad nauseum,. Not the exciting stuff like bumpers and lifts.
If you get the low miles one, then you will be putting more of the money into the bling...lift, bumper, big tires, etc. and less into basic structure. Ask yourself, is the low dollar rig where you want to go in regard to mods? If it is exactly what you want, you may have a good headstart toward your goal. Otherwise, get the low miles rig and build it just the way you want it, or keep it close to stock and go almost anywhere a sane (or semi-sane) person would go.
Go for the low miles, that way you pretty much know what those miles have been AND you can perfect it into the perfect rig. If the other one isn`t what you`re looking for...
Is it going to be a trail rig or a DD? I went for the high miles cheap price b/c that wayu I dont mind as much is I scratch or dent it. If its been maintained I wouldnt (And didn't) hesitate to but one with 200K or less. Just be sure of what you are getting and read tons on here b/f buying anything. That will save you tons of $!!!
buy them both!! swap all of the accessories to the low mileage one if you want a looker. Or, swap all of the "newer" drivetrain parts to the built one and wheel the heck out of it. Guess it really depends on what you want and what you can afford.
I'd rather buy a truck that's driven regularly and maintained. If a truck has too low of miles then you're gonna be in there swapping out all the dried out and leaking seals and gaskets. At this point the newest FJ60 is still 19 years old. No matter what the miles I'd expect to be doing fairly major repairs.

I'd buy the nicest truck you can afford while holding back $1000 cash to cover repairs needed after you buy the truck. This would also cover replacing all the fluids, hoses, belts, knuckle overhaul and likely brakes too. That just gets the truck to a good starting point. Then start looking at a new battery, alternator and carb rebuild. And on down the line going through each system as needed and as cash allows. You're still making payments only it's to the local parts houses instead of the bank... :D


1. Good maintenance / records
2. No rust

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